Apprenticeships: A Primer

This article on Apprenticeships will help you to understand, if you are living in England between #16-18, #18-24 age group what options you have. While there are universities which form the mainstream education system, apprenticeships offer a staged career that is equally rewarding. We at is decoding to make it simpler and easy for you to make a decision.

  • Intermediate apprenticeship (level2)
  • Advanced apprenticeship (level3)
  • Higher apprenticeship (levels4-7)
  • Degree apprenticeship (levels6-7)

So if your parents are worrying, needs to let you know that all apprenticeships do earn a salary. This conforms to the national minimum wage, while many employers from UK are paying much higher wages. The requirements are simple, you need to work for a minimum of 30hours a week and the whole apprenticeship programme takes one to five years to complete. Though it depends on the sector in which you want to apply, you need to check this personally.

Trainings in the apprenticeships programmes are mandatory for all, where you as a candidate will learn and pick up new skills. There will be an assigned person who will guide you through the apprenticeship practices. Once you know what to learn, you will be sent to an apprenticeship training provider organisation. This can be the same workplace or even offsite even your university and the new method through e-learning.

Training is designed to be easy and staged learning process, which will focus on acquiring key skills that your employer wants. Apprenticeships therefore have an advantage to work with the employer that increases exposure to real life problems. More interaction helps the candidate’s potentiality in having a long term contract subject to candidate’s performance. This is an easy platform where the candidate’s output is linked to the career progression and makes it worthwhile to progress in that company.

However, has researched and found that not always circumstances allow with parent and friends influencing your decisions about your career. There is traineeship that might be the right thing for you. Traineeship is for the young people who wishes to get a job but there has to be a skill matching in order to meet the requirements. It is a work process wherein the company creates work preparation and support in order to absorb the trainee once the traineeship is over.

Stunited research shows that there are over 75 higher and degree apprenticeships which is out for grabs that encompasses full honours degrees, HND, foundation degree to start with. As a candidate, you need to segment the time of university and college as it offers careers leading to banking, engineering, legal, IT to name a few. To know more, visit and if you are still in two minds about the choice of careers or call 0800 100 900.

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