BBSRC UK-India Newton-Bhabha Fund for Researchers

Brief Description:

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is inviting applicants for its UK-India Newton-Bhabha Fund. The fund is available for researchers from UK and India.

The aim of this fund is to encourage multi-institutional collaborative applications between UK and Indian researchers to undertake high-quality three-year projects aimed at increasing the productivity, resilience, sustainability and quality of pulses or oilseeds grown for food or feed in India.


Course Level: Fund is available for researchers.


Study Subject: Fund is awarded in the field of pulses and oilseeds research.


Scholarship Award Fund will cover the following:

Up to £3.5 million is available from BBSRC to support the UK components of this research and this is matched by DBT’s support for the Indian components. It is expected that projects funded through this initiative will bring together multiple UK and Indian research groups.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

UK participants – Standard BBSRC managed mode eligibility conditions apply to this call. All UK applicants must be eligible to receive research funding from BBSRC as Principal/Co-Investigator; see our grants guide (see downloads).

Indian participants – Applicants should ensure that Indian participants fulfil the eligibility requirements for DBT funding. For this call, DBT will fund eligible researchers in Indian universities and eligible autonomous institutions, institutes of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and the CGIAR’s International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics. Indian applicants should confirm their eligibility to apply with Dr Sanjay Kalia at DBT.


Nationality: Applicants from UK and India are eligible to apply for this fund.


Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have a previous year degree.


How to Apply: Applicants can apply through Je-S system:

The lead UK Principal Investigator should submit a single joint application to BBSRC on behalf of all participants using the Je-S system.

Applications may involve researchers from multiple eligible UK institutions but should be submitted as a single Je-S application submitted by the organisation of the lead UK Principal Investigator. If successful, the lead organisation would be the recipient of the UK component of the award and would be responsible for managing and distributing funds to other participating UK institutions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award. Funding for the Indian component of the collaboration will be paid by DBT to the Indian partner institution(s).

How to submit your application:

Log in to your Je-S account.

From the left-hand menu, select Documents.

Under functions on the Main Menu, select Create New Document.

In the Add New Document screen:

Select Council: BBSRC.

Select document type: Standard Proposal.

Select scheme: Newton Fund.

Select Call / Type Mode: Newton Fund Pulses and Oilseeds Research Initiative

Select: Create Document.

The Je-S form should be completed in the standard way using the guidance and help text available in the Je-S system. All aspects of the proposal submitted to BBSRC via Je-S should be jointly developed by, and submitted on behalf of, the entire international consortium. Please also note the following guidance which is specific to this call:

The start date of the grant should be 01 July 2018.

The Other Support section is required for this application. If there is no other support, please tick the box indicating “not relevant to the application”.

Proposal classifications are non-mandatory fields and should be completed as follows:

Research Area – Please choose at least one from the list available.

Qualifiers – Please leave this section blank.

Free-text Keywords – Please identify at least five (and a maximum of eight) keywords relevant to the project.


Application Deadline: The application deadline is October 24, 2017.


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