Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship

Brief Description: University of Leicester is offering full-time International Scholarship award globally. opportunity for the Undergraduate students. They encourage young talent to study abroad as p… Read More »

President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme – University Of Leicester

Brief Description: University of Leicester is offering full-time International Scholarship award globally. opportunity for the Undergraduate & Post Graduate international students. They encourage… Read More »

International office scholarship – University of Bristol

Brief Description: University of Bristol is offering full-time International Scholarship award globally. opportunity for the Undergraduate & Post Graduate international students. They encourage yo… Read More »

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

Brief Description: Edinburgh University is offering full-time International Scholarship award globally. opportunity for the Post Graduate international students. The students enrolled in any courses w… Read More »

International Global Scholarship Award – Anglia Ruskin University

Brief Description: Anglia Ruskin University is offering full-time International Scholarship award globally. opportunity for the Undergraduate & Post Graduate international students. The students e… Read More »

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

Brief Description: The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is open to outstanding  Non-EU/EEA students enrolling in a master’s degree programme at Leiden University starting… Read More »

Denmark Government Scholarships for Non-EU Students

Brief description: The Denmark Government welcomes highly qualified and motivated international students from all over the world to study in Denmark. A number of scholarships are therefore offered eac… Read More »

UH Graduate International Scholarships – University Of Heartfordshire

Brief Description: University Of Hertfordshire invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in scholarships for high achieving and enterprising students from around the world. They have a wide range of s… Read More »

Alumni Scholarships for International Students – Anglia Ruskin University

Brief Description: Anglia Ruskin University is offering full-time Alumni Scholarship opportunity for the undergraduate international students. The students enrolled in any of the Master degree courses… Read More »

Fully Funded University of Cambridge Scholarship

Brief Description: The Cambridge Trust of Cambridge University offers fully funded scholarship for Under Graduate students ho pay the University composition fee at the Overseas rate. UK and EU unde… Read More »

Clark (Mile End) Bursary Fund Scholarship

Brief Description: Nominations are sought from prospective PhD supervisors only  for the Carnegie/Caledonian PhD Scholarships 2017-18. The Carnegie Trust is funding 15 PhD scholarships a… Read More »

University of Glasgow Chancellors Award

Brief Description: The University of Glasgow has a total of 20 Chancellors Awards available. The Award is available to students entering any of the University’s Colleges and are awarded as a tuiti… Read More »

GREAT Scholarship – University of Glasgow

Brief Description: University of Glasgow in partnership with the British Council offers GREAT Scholarship. The Award is available to students entering any of the University’s Colleges and  awarded… Read More »

Graham Trust Bursary Scheme – University of Glasgow

Brief Description: The Graham Trust was established by Charter from the City of Glasgow in 1759 with the original aim of “….distribution to persons of the name of Graham or descendants of persons … Read More »

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship – University of Glasgow

Brief Description: The University of Glasgow has a undergraduate scholarships of a final year fee waivers available to new international students commencing study in September 2017. The scholarship… Read More »

Commonwealth Scholarship schemes – University of Glasgow

Brief Description: Commonwealth Scholarships are available each year to fund Commonwealth citizens' study in the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. A range of scholarship schemes ar… Read More »


Brief Description: Chevening offers a unique opportunity for future leaders and influencers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK cult… Read More »

Middle East Scholarship of University of Central Lancashire

Brief Description: University of Central Lancashire offering middle east scholarship  for International middle east students.   Course Level: Post Graduate & Under … Read More »

Sports scholarships of London South Bank University

Brief Description: The Academy of Sports Scholarship Programme is available to talented athletes to support their development both academically and on the field of play. If successful, you could becom… Read More »

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

Brief Description : The CSFP is aimed at students of Commonwealth countries who can make a significant contribution to their home country after the completion of a higher education programme in the UK… Read More »

Goa Education Trust Scholarships

Brief Description : The Goa Education Trust (GET) scholarship is offered to selected Indian students annually for pursuing a Masters in the UK. Initially conceptualised for Goans, the scholarship h… Read More »

PhD Studentship in Diffusive Molecular Nano-Networks

Brief description: The University of Sussex is offering three-year PhD studentship for UK/EU students. The studentship is awarded in Abnormality Detection in Diffusive Molecular Nano-Networks under th… Read More »

Scholarships ONLY for Indian Students to do Full Time M.Sc in Glasgow , United Kingdom

Brief description: The Strathclyde Business School is offering scholarships for the citizens of India. Scholarships are awarded to undertake MSc programme (one year, full-time study) in Glasgow, UK, c… Read More »

Why Attending Coaching Classes are Becoming More Important for Students

There is an emerging trend in higher education where the coaching institutes are mushrooming as an alternate parallel form of the education system. … Read More »

Drop Outs from Schools are High in UK: Research

Britain has been identified to have worst dropout rates from high schools and colleges among the developed countries. The dropout rates are found to be higher than nations like Greece, Estonia and Slovenia. An internatio… Read More »

How UK High School Students Are Treated in Both Public and Private Sectors

In UK, the school education takes place mainly in the public schools. However, there is an increasing variety of educational opportunities, providers and programmes offered to the students that are being forged by the go… Read More »

8 Ultimate Way to Get Scholarship for Higher Studies

Education is also getting costlier day by day along with other commodities the cost of college fee is steeply increasing which is making difficult even for the middle-class people to get admissions.   Some of the stude… Read More »

How can Stunited be helpful for the Government to promote the national demand in HE  is dedicated to promotion of education which is indeed a socially responsible role played by Many governments across the globe and especially, develo… Read More »

How MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is imparting Education at a Global level

India is considered to be the second biggest market in terms of providing massive open online courses (MOOC) followed by US, in the world. MOOC has brought a revolution in the Indian education system by providing opportu… Read More »

How the Use of Community Engagement Program Helps in Transformation of Higher Education in India

Global higher education system is largely affected by the concept and practice of ‘Community-university engagement’.  The Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) carried out continuous lobbying, combined w… Read More »

How Implementation of Proactive Anti-plagiarism Policies in Higher Education Increase Student Credibility

Plagiarism, in the academic sector is considered to be a severe breach of acceptable academic behaviour.  One of the main reasons for occurrences of plagiarism is the increasing overload of information available on the … Read More »

How the Growing Education Sector in India fosters its Presence in the world education Industry

India holds a dominant position in the global education industry. With more than 1.4 million schools and student enrolments exceeding 227 million, the Indian education system is on a rising trend. In terms of higher educ… Read More »

How Educational Reforms in India Help to Increase Student Mobility between India and the UK

Higher education system in India is likely to change with the rapid decentralization of power by the Government to the Indian states. In c… Read More »

Stunited Effectively help to the Local UK Students

The local students of British origin around 322,000 during 2013-2014 periods living with their parents during the academics are required to search for their choice of college. It is a definitely a tedious task. UK has hu… Read More »

Why International Students will prefer to Choose Accommodation Search through Stunited?

The search for accommodation starts as soon as any international student lands up in UK for the admission in UK University. Though it has be… Read More »

LSE Invites International Applications for the Spring Session 2015-16

LSE holds a special position in my heart, as I happen to pass out in BA (Hons) in Business Economics from Delhi School of Economics in India modelled in t… Read More »

How Stunited Can Improve the Admission Process in Indian Education Institutes?

Admission process is known to be quite critical for educational institutes. This is because admission is associated with the critical mission of selecting the right candidates. So, the entire procedure of admission has t… Read More »

IISWBM, Kolkata admissions open, calling students

One of the oldest MBA colleges in the eastern part of India, IISWBM, Kolkata was established in 1953, and is located in the heart of Kolkata. It is flanked by colleges and at 5 Management house, College square west the i… Read More »

How Can Stunited be Associated with Indian Government Agenda- “Education for All”?

India has indeed made striking progress with respect to reaching to measurable goals of “Education for All”. Since the year 2000, nations have been found to be quite committed towards promotion of global education. I… Read More »

How Stunited Helps Student for Educational Funding

The education sector across the globe is gradually expanding and currently valued at $4.5 trillion (OECD, 2014)3. Education thus has prime importance as Govts. Want their countries to be high value, highly ski… Read More »

Tips To Get Job After Studying Abroad

Study abroad has the potential to be life-changing and to bring about surprising new views about your choice of major and career focus. When you are about to complete your graduation or under graduation? Now what should … Read More »

Stunited Tracks the World Top Universities with Highest International Students

In this fast changing world, education system is witnessing a rapid change as well. While economists are foretelling about the economic zones revival, there are indications of shift in the education field as well. The re… Read More »

PhD Admissions in Jamia Millia Islamia in 2015

Education is not learning of facts but training of mind”- Albert Einstein In today’s world education plays a vital role in all perspective, whether it is training of mind, knowing facts, obtaining repu… Read More »

Grab Scholarships from BPP University, UK in September Admissions 2015

The diversification of business in today’s world depicts the growth in the economy as a whole. This is eventually giving rise to the standard of living of the people as a whole. As the pessimistic effect of this there … Read More »

Get Ready for the UK University Admission Process in 2015

Admission process in the UK is no more a puzzle for young students. comes along with wide range of opportunities that are available for studying in UK. You … Read More »

B.Tech, Polytechnic and Management Courses at SVIMS

Now that the results are out, it is now time for college and university admissions. This is the most crucial stage as your decision of choosing the right subjects at right colleges turns out to be quite difficult.It is d… Read More »

Get Admitted through Online Applications at Madurai Kamraj University in 2015

As the admission session is on, the students are probably looking out for the best universities from where they can get their aspired degrees. However, sources of obtaining correct and useful information from the interne… Read More »

University of Madras Switches to Admission Procedure in 2015

Admission for 2015 is now on. Students across the country are probably now clicking on to the different websites of universities and educational institutes. I happened to google and found a website called Read More »

Online Admission In University Of Mumbai In The New Session Of 2015

It is often a dream for students to be part of prestigious institutions. One of the most significant reasons is to obtain premium education. Another most significant aspect of being part of prestigious institutions is th… Read More »

Galgotia University Online Admissions In 2015: A Way To Move Ahead In Easing The Process

The admission procedure is indeed quite complex and hence challenging. However, in order to study the aspired subject in your dream university or educational institute students are required to undergo the difficult path … Read More »

Pune University Embarks On Online Admission Applications

For Admission 2015, the students are now gearing up to seek admission in the best of the universities. Universities across India are also selecting the students as per merit lists. So, for a student it is little difficul… Read More »

Admissions Open for International Students at BHU

My story is quite amazing as I found help in admissions across international boundaries to may favorite university the Banaras Hindu University. I am originally from Bangladesh and I had always cherished the dream of pur… Read More »

News of the Top 100 under 50 Universities Globally

The University of Switzerland Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussane has been nominated at the top of the list comprising of the 100 best and newest (under 50) universities of the world. Australia has also overtaken UK… Read More »

Admissions Open in UG Department of Delhi University!!!

I had always wanted to study in Delhi University since my high school days when news about the cool campus life and the exemplarity academic standards were praised by my cousin who used be an ex alumnus of the Delhi Univ… Read More »

Career Choices Past the High School Using Stunited

The most challenging stage in a student’s life is during the time of choosing one’s career path after the 12th board examination. Last month, the results of 12th CBSE Examinations were out. Lakh… Read More »

Exploring Career Options After Results of West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is considered to be the principal entry gate for engineering courses within the state of West Bengal. The exam, which took place on the 6thof last month, its results were out on 5 Read More »

How I Cracked My Thapar University Entrance Exam

The Thapar University (TU) is really famous in North West India for providing superior facilities for technical and management education. UGC has granted A grade to Thapar University and 5 years back a dedicated center o… Read More »

How I Chose My Preferred List of Colleges Using Stunited

This is a story about how I cracked my engineering entrance exams even with a really bad stroke of luck. I stay in Chennai and I was quite focused from the time of my Boards that I wanted to study Post Graduate course in… Read More »

Google Reveals Most Searched for Universities

Google has revealed the most popular searches for people around the world looking for universities. This ranking of online searches is very different from the traditional map of the global powerhouses of higher education… Read More »