Mathematical modelling for safe, yet effective, pesticide development and usage

Brief Description:   This project is about creating and analysing a series of mathematical models that can be used to compare and contrast pesticide absorption through leaf surfaces and human … Read More »

Fully-Funded PhD Studentships within CESI at Queen’s University Belfast in UK

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LBS 50th Anniversary Scholarships for International Students in UK

Brief Description: London Business School is pleased to offer 50th Anniversary Scholarship for international students to study in the UK. This scholarship comprises one scholarship covering 100% of th… Read More »

Global Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students at Lincoln University, UK

Brief Description: The Lincoln University is delighted to offer Global Undergraduate Scholarships for 2018-2019 academic year. International (non-UK/EU) students are eligible to apply for this scholar… Read More »


Brief Description: The Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS) is now accepting applications for fully funded scholarships for PhD to study at the University of Essex. Applicants from developi… Read More »

Learn how to manage your PhD supervisor

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6 Tools to Find Accommodation Easily in the UK

From the very old age of initiation of human civilization, there are 3 basic needs of a human being which are considered to be mandatory for every human being present. Those 3 basic needs are food, clothing & shelter… Read More »

Private Tutoring is Becoming More Popular Than Coaching in India

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Why Attending Coaching Classes are Becoming More Important for Students

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Best PG Medical Coaching Institute in India

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Education Industry – Recession Proof

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Top TOEFL And GMAT Coaching Institute Are More of A Craze

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Job Consultants

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Training on Jobs through Apprenticeship

In OECD countries, it has been estimated that about 50 % of individuals between the age group of 15 and 24 year olds procure income from employment. Within this age group, a majority of non-students which comprises about… Read More »

8 Ultimate Way to Get Scholarship for Higher Studies

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Why Indian Parent is More Dependent on Coaching for Cracking any Competitive Exam?

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Save the International Students

The international student’s visa issue in the UK has been creating uproars after Theresa May from the HE Home office has stated explicitly that, Tier 21 Visa immigrants who hail from outside EEA area should … Read More »

How can stunited support the needy but brilliant students to complete their studies?

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How Can Language Training Companies be benefited with Marketing Tools

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Whats the market for language training courses in UK and India

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How Would International Students Be Benefited by Stunited?

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Stunited Effectively help to the Local UK Students

The local students of British origin around 322,000 during 2013-2014 periods living with their parents during the academics are required to search for their choice of college. It is a definitely a tedious task. UK has hu… Read More »