Why Attending Coaching Classes are Becoming More Important for Students

There is an emerging trend in higher education where the coaching institutes are mushrooming as an alternate parallel form of the education system. This has gained considerable momentum as the Indian competitive examinations to some of the world’s prestigious colleges and institutes are getting tougher in order to attract the brightest of all. In this article, we will try to understand how is shaping up the Indian future generation to equip themselves.

A 2013-14 survey by Associated chamber of commerce and industry shows that almost 87% of primary school and 95% high school attend coaching class of at least one kind for shaping their career. This phenomenon was prevalent in colleges and has gained momentum as joint families have split into nuclear families with both parents earning for their living. This also needs us to identify the competition intensity wherein AIPMT over 170,000 students appear to be doctors and dentists. In AIEEE, it attracts over 375,000 candidates vying for 9000 seats across 117 colleges. The CAT for MBA in IIMs is seeing 180,000 candidates appearing with 7000 students appearing for the CLAT (common law entrance test). So there is a huge number of candidates against the seats offered which is fuelling the competition and the institutes, colleges, universities involved also wants the brightest and the best candidates.

The rule of assigning weight age of 40% in the class XII marks earned by each student in their respective school is a pre-requisite for getting into IITs. The Indian higher secondary schools are thus now more elated as the preparation for all India joint entrance examinations that required separate effort and time are integrated into one. Coaching classes thus have evolved from the bad press and is offering unique learning pedagogy in stages to facilitate the learning curve, which the schools lacked. This was caused as the students focus on the Board Class XII examinations.

Many parents are sceptical as their generation cannot conceive the idea of coaching classes when schools should have done the job. The challenge in the education gap of the Board and the All India Entrance examination lies in the course vastness and depth. The limited time period of the two years which is a part of the study is not sufficient. So cracking All India examinations requires diligent efforts and to read, practice more which the high school curriculum is unable to meet up. The parents are sceptical as their argument is about coaching is unnecessary if All India entrance exams were based on Board curriculum. Perhaps many pointed out that the level and standard of the problems in All India examinations is far beyond than that of the Boards.

Recent trends show that the streamlined coaching to crack the IITJEE examination has been designed for students who are in classes VIII. This concept is based on the idea that ‘Catch them young’ needs early guidance that teaches those skills along with the school learning which facilitates the learning process along with school curriculum. However, there are other coaching classes for CAT, CA, CS in India that requires domain knowledge like accounts which is not taught in school so early.

Decoding the coaching methodology of all the classes and courses, we find that their course material preparation is definitely comprehensive. They offer offline and online as well that suits the aspiring candidates for picking up key techniques in each of the subjects. The average fees per student in a coaching class varies from Rs 10000 to upwards Rs 2-3 lakhs as a package which depends on the type, of course, the field of study and the time frame undertaken. The coaching institutes in order to earn name and fame, have started enrolling students with cut-offs in school grades. Their contribution to the society is to guide the potential student through a structured methodology that is bound to spell success. They perceive schools imparting higher education as underserved and poorly managed to meet the challenge of cracking All India level examinations. The question is that is it only for affluent, the answer is that most of the growing middle-income group population are trying to capitalise on children education to reach the upper strata of the society in India. The pedagogy structure, environment, time-based modules and tests, prepares the student to increase accuracy and speed that are needed to crack the entrance examinations. Tips and techniques to solve mathematical problems are needed, so out of the box tricks works in favour for those who know it. Coaching institutes are therefore a necessity but for those who can afford it in India.

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