Corporate Funding to Drive the CSR for Education

According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization or UNIDO, corporate social responsibility or CSR has been defined as a concept associated with management1. It is with the aid of CSR business companies can integrate social to that with environmental concerns within their business operations and also interactions with the help of stakeholders. CSR is indeed a way which the help of which companies will be able to achieve a balance between economic, environmental and also social imperatives.

The companies in order to streamline their philanthropic activities to that with business operational aspects like transparency and accountability resort to development of CSR policies. It has now become a norm for companies with good brand image to contribute towards the development of the societies in which they are found to operate. For instance, in India philanthropic activities are going on in large scale. Such activities have led to establishment of many prestigious institutions imparting professional educations. Companies have been found to have generously contributed to NGOs or non-governmental organizations by making donations. These donations are often exempted from taxes. As a result of which it has been found that many of these donations are not carried out in transparent manner and often these sums of donations lack accountability. So, in order to ensure for a transparent manner of donations for CSR, companies can be part of Therefore, can be identified to be perfect space where companies as per their CSR policies can ensure for transparent donations which would be 100 % accountable. is dedicated towards ensuring education for all. The online space is ideal for spreading the message of the use and utility of education and how education can help to boost the economic and development of a nation. Young students who are part of will be aware of the noble cause and will help to promote and also advertise such initiative taken by The students with the help of corporate funding coming from the corporate sector will be able to come up with small night schools or weekend classes where they will be able to reach out to the under privileged children and help promote the mission of education for all taken up by .

Stunited indeed deserves corporate funding, as these funding will directly be utilized by social workers who are also at the same time young students with heart to do something good for the society. As a result of which, the funds will be well directed as the young students will be dedicated and honest towards their task. Making donations at will certainly be effective as it is the online space where millions of students across the globe meet and interact with each other. As a result of which, education will be promoted to every nook and corner of the world with the aid of these funding.

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