Driving my Family Business ahead with MFAB course, Indian School of Business

I have been wondering to pursue a skill based programme for a long time as I am engaged fulltime in my father’s business. Incidentally, the full time courses do not suit me, as he has passed on the baton to me to drive the family business. I do have my school and college friends who have opted for higher education abroad with MBA and MTech. and FRCS in medical, the most sought after HE (higher education) degrees being pursued. Toying with this idea, I happened to ask my management team in my family business, and found after discussing with a young recruit who asked me to join stunited.org a student based global networking website.

I created a profile in Stunited which is free, and found similar interests in people of my age and even junior to me, while discussing the need to pursue a professional degree for managing family business seemed to be lurking hugely in India. The forum argued about family business and its traditional management style while I searched and found a course in stunited.org MBA filtered a search result that meets my needs and budgets. It suits me as I have diversified my family legacy business and have very different approach to revenue generation and strategizing. The course details and relevant as it has international exposure as my ecommerce start-up besides my family business is doing good. I needed to have more experiential thinking and expert advice from global faculty which would enable me to drive the growth curve steadily. So I was directed from www.stunited.org to the relevant page in MFAB program 2015 in ISB, and went ahead to know the MFAB ISB admissions criteria. It met my present qualifications and their checklist was comprehensive while MFAB ISB application requirements gave me solace as I had all to apply straight in. I am glad that Stunited guided me with the indication of the programme applications acceptance date in MFAB ISB till 30th Oct 2015 and final deadline on 15th December, 2015. I am now gearing up myself amidst my daily busy schedules to prepare for the MFAB ISB BAT (Business Admissions Test). I liked the idea of business case study in the test as for young entrepreneurs like me, who are facing far more challenges than that of brick and mortar business like my father has, this course will open up the thinking capsules in my brain. I plan to discuss about BAT admission test online in stunited platform as discussions are opening up more opportunities. I could have opted out for a consultant for my ecommerce start-up but since it is my baby, I wanted to obtain the essence through the programme and drive my embedded knowledge to sustain the ecommerce. Some of my doubts were cleared by the MFAB ISB FAQs section. I wanted to know more about the MFAB ISB campus.  Applying was easy as I was guided to the website MFAB ISB admissions apply which allowed me to create account and proceed to the next stage.

I am glad I happened to visit www.stunited.org where a group of aspiring young entrepreneurs like me, found through discussion a course that is apt to take family business forward. I am thankful to the forum contributors and will continue to be active as this social media platform for students is enabling us to add value to our life.

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