Drop Outs from Schools are High in UK: Stunited.org Research

Britain has been identified to have worst dropout rates from high schools and colleges among the developed countries. The dropout rates are found to be higher than nations like Greece, Estonia and Slovenia. An international study has shown that students in between the age group of 15 and 19 year olds are noted to be “Neet”. In other words, these students are neither employed or receiving any educational training. In only about eight countries that also includes countries like Mexico, Brazil and Turkey that have unemployed teens who are also at the same time doing nothing.

Moreover, a study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has revealed that there would be lost generated who would find themselves stranded without any jobs and proper qualification. Such a result comes out despite heavy investments by the Labour government on education. In UK in fact one in every ten student leaves school without a job or a college. The number is known to be way higher than the 8 % average of OECD average. Out of all the EU nations, only countries like Italy, Spain and Ireland are known to have higher dropout rates. The rank of UK is as low as 26th out of all the 32 nations with respect to total number of teenagers opting out of education within the age of 19.

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The reason for such high dropout has been identified to be the decision of the coalition to increase the tuition fee of the university up to about £ 9,000 every year. Such a free hike has been identified to have discouraged potential students to attain higher education. Also, the Education Maintenance Allowance of £ 30 every week that was provided to students between the age group of 16 to19 with earning incomes less than £ 30, 8000 per year got axed. A survey in fact identified that there are many individuals who are now little on the way of attaining qualification are now bearing the brunt of the economic downtown.

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According to the researchers of OECD, one of the reasons for high drop outs is that many students especially those that belong to deprived backgrounds are failed once they are consigned to the worst schools for students between the age group of 5 and 11. The researchers also blamed the admission system. Parents given full choice of schools have also segregated students as per their ability, the soci-economic backgrounds of the students and also their ethnic backgrounds.

As per the recent figures of Office of National Statistics about one million students between the age group of 16 to 24 are Neets in UK. According to OECD, in many countries teenages drop out of education as they receive no support from their welfare system. However, this is not so in case of UK. OECD opines that despite the incidence of strained public budgets, the governments are required to keep up with investments for the purpose of maintaining educational standards especially for those who are at the risk of dropping out.

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