Empowering Youth through Skills and Education: #YEESE2016

Youth empowerment involves different ways in which youths can be facilitated to cause changes in their lifestyle. It is a way through which youths are inculcated with the spirit of transformation of thoughts into creativity. It is a means through which youths can be exposed into training or skills that can make them productive. One of the best advantages of youth empowerment is that it encourages them to get involved in different trade activities, thereby helping them to engage in paid employment or self employment. Such empowerment through skills acquisition necessitates accumulating varied skill sets and competencies that enhance work performance by integrating both theoretical and practical knowledge.  It not only makes they self reliant but also enhances the quality of life.

Skill acquisition program may include provision for training which offers the youth with opportunities for acquiring skills that are appropriate for preparing in areas relating to employment. Apart from this, provision for specific skills that are related to a particular trade which makes the youth professional in a particular field.  There are several organizations in the UK that are dedicated to delivering education and skill development initiatives to the youth. For instance, the ukyouth.org makes use of a non-formal learning approach for complementing a formal academic learning. This provides an all round education to the younger masses and such activities are based on four core enablers –

  • Social engagement – Youths is encouraged to participate in social activities.
  • Social learning – Youth in involved in teaching life skills in way which involves fun.
  • Social action – in this case, the organization makes use of life skills for supporting the community
  • Social leadership – life skills are applied for accessing training and employment

Other skill development programs are also drafted by institutions so that the youth is industry oriented and are empowered enough to be self employed. They can also gain confidence for initiating small or small & medium scale businesses and offer employment to others as well.  Hence this will control unemployment, increase standard of living and contribute to the development of the economy as well as nation. Some areas of skill development include basic communication skills, soft skills, basic computer skills, skills in IT which are needed almost in every industrial sector.  Specific skills include apprenticeship, customer care training, guest handling, art of public speaking, corporate etiquettes, front office management, interview skills, telephone skills, expatriate training/ skills for working overseas, team building exercises, inter-personal skills, and managerial competencies.

Few other methods to deliver specific skills and education needed to empower youth can be through the programs such as ‘Workshops and Seminars’ – this will help to impart the much needed skills to individuals as per their needs, area of interest and expertise. Workshops provide a solid platform where the youth can interact with professionals and experts dealing in different lines of business. Individuals can register themselves with different courses, whether online or offline, that help them to gain objective based skills to enhance their career development opportunities.

The use of technology such as ICT (information and communications technology) plays a significant role in providing education and training to aspiring youth.  ICT is used extensively to support alternative education options to individuals staying at any corner of the country, even remote areas, subject to presence of internet.  One of the most useful applications of ICT is distance education, also known as ‘e-learning’.  It helps to improve the learning process by facilitating increased access to necessary knowledge, through more interactive and collaborative learning techniques.  Hence, aspiring youths who cannot afford physical learning at the classroom or find it difficult to attend regular classes can get education and training online.

One of the most reputed organization that is dedicated to providing British youth empowerment through skills development and education is Stunited.org, with a business goal of uniting students globally. Aspiring British youths can explore over 1 million education related information database, contacts as well as networking links by visiting the Stunited.org website after signing in using simple steps. British youth, especially students can learn from academicians, educational institutions, group discussions, from blogs as well as friends. Stunited is also committed towards working for up-skilling, increasing the competencies of the youth by organizing events where they can participate, interact with professional experts, clarify their doubts and increase their awareness about skills development and need based education. It has come out with ‘Youth empowerment exhibition through skills & education’, #YEESE2016, where the focus in on apprenticeship, skills & competencies with universities, banks, Govt. Participating on 22ndApril 2016 in Northampton stadium.


Youth empowerment event like #YEESE2016 comprises of various ways through which youth of a particular country can be empowered in order to achieve self sustained national development rather than having dependence on the government for provision of such opportunities. #YEESE2016 will help to enhance sustainability of youth in different fields relating to trade.  This is achievable if the culture of creative ideas and thinking is instilled in youths so that they become productive and self reliant members of a particular society.


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