Graham Trust Bursary Scheme – University of Glasgow

Brief Description:

The Graham Trust was established by Charter from the City of Glasgow in 1759 with the original aim of “….distribution to persons of the name of Graham or descendants of persons of that name such sums as they shall just requisite and to put poor boys of the name or descendants of such persons of the name, to schools and trades, in order to enable them to gain a livelihood and to be useful members of society.”  The Trust is administered by Foundation Scotland.


Course Level:

Scholarships are available for pursuing full-time postgraduate taught programme.


Study Subject:

These courses are applicable for this scholarship.


Scholarship Award:

These scholarships value is Up to £500 .


Number of Scholarships:

There is no specific number of scholarship. It depends on applicant’s previous academic performance.



Citizens of these countries are eligible to apply.



To be eligible applicants must

  • Have the surname of Graham
  • Be studying at higher/further education establishments in the Glasgow area.


How to Apply:

Complete the Graham Trust Bursary application and return it by email to:



Typically end of July of each year

For more information contact:

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