How Can a Social Networking Site Help Student in UK Academic Stay?

If you are reading this article then it means that you must be contemplating certain duration of study in the United Kingdom. Well first you need to congratulate yourself on your excellent choice as UK is one of the worlds’ best places for study according to research conducted by leading student social networks like  However there is always a certain amount of reservation and trepidation when you are leaving behind your friends and families for unknown territories. There are so many things you have to plan and think of before you leave home!

Confirmation of allotted space

Once you have secured a letter of offer and signed your acceptance for a particular course, you will experience the need to find out other things about the particular university. Use your account at Stunited which is the largest academic social networking site to know more about the faculty, campus life, and crowd and course details of your chosen university. You can also start networking with other international students who are off to the same academic destination in UK as you. Learn to make friends even before you hit campus.

Facilitate procurement of visa

If this is your first academic stint abroad in the United Kingdom then the Visa is the greatest challenge you are going to face. You will need permission to visit and pursue a course in UK for duration of more than 6 months if you don’t have an EU or EEA passport. The specific rules will differ from country to country. You can check with your student social network site as there will be a lot of other applicants who are applying for student Visas there. The UK border agency is a good place to check with to confirm if you have correctly submitted and used an UK visa. Remember that in case of a foreign university study stint, the more information you gather from, the better off you will be.

Accommodation arrangements

You are leaving behind the safety net and warmth of your friends and family when you travel abroad for education in an UK university. Stunited understands how difficult it is to arrange safe and convenient and affordable education and resolves to make things easier for you. With its millions of UK fellow registrations and rich database with quick easy access it will be very convenient for you to search out the perfect accommodation for yourself.

You will need references and a safety deposit to put down if you are taking accommodation outside your college campus. References are something that you can again get from the acquaintances that you have struck up in, you will find a list of good accommodation sources in this website.

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