How can Stunited be helpful for the Government to promote the national demand in HE  is dedicated to promotion of education which is indeed a socially responsible role played by Many governments across the globe and especially, developing nations like India are now trying to educate its mass irrespective of their economic and social status. In other words, the governments are now keen in promoting the concept of education for all. However, the UK government requires support from companies and agencies operating in the field of education to help support such government initiatives. UK higher education contribution to the national economy GDP as shown under:


Universities Off campus expenditure (non uk students) Off campus expenditure (non uk) visitors  

HE education sector in UK

Direct GDP £17.97 billion 0 0 £17.97 billion
Secondary GDP £18.43billion £3.42 billion £0.09 billion £21.94 billion
Total GDP £ 36.40 billion £3.42 billion £0.09 billion £39.91billion

Stunited is one such online effort that ensures opportunities for Governments to promote awareness on education. It is an online platform where students globally would like to visit and exchange ideas and information. As a result of which, is perfect platform to promote the need for education and create the demand for higher education among the masses. is aware that for UK, HE (higher education exports) has enabled the economy to boost up with skilled migration, while the treasury earning over £10 billion from international students alone. But is interested in bringing in support to UK student fraternity with an online social media platform providing free information, platform for UK education, local businesses enabling a wider web of opportunities for everybody. OECD rates this 2% of total number of international students enrolling in UK globally (OECD, 2013)4.

Education can be considered as a tool the can be utilized to develop a career and also as a person. It is through the aid of education, government can ensure for human development and economic progress. In fact, for a nation that is aiming towards progress and growth, its population which also can be considered to be valuable human resource has to be educated and skilled enough to contribute in wealth generation2. Irrespective of the profession of individuals, whether farmers or engineers, education will help to prosper in their respective professions. So, education should be spread to all free and through social media for wider and quicker reach which is what has conceptualised. Education must not be limited within the few privileged and must ideally be accessed to all. is well aware of pull factor of UK education value, its outcomes for career enhancement for a prospective student, which also increases the cosmopolitan and intercultural sensitivity.

In order to create demand for education, it is important for the people to at first understand why education is needed. How education can help an individual to make earnings and ensure for a bright future. Also, on pursuing higher education how an individual will be able to achieve greater heights of performance is to be made aware to people. Currently over 450,000 international students, out of total 2299355 who are part of UK HE is also using The brand UK HE is sending positive vibes across the world with its alumni of international students which are acting as ambassadors for the next session for UK university admission3 (British Council and Oxford Economics, 2013-14).


Students by level of study 2000/01 to 2013/14
Year Undergraduate Postgraduate Total
2013/14 1759915 539440 2299355
2012/13 1803840 536440 2340275
2011/12 1928140 568505 2496645
2010/11 1912580 588720 2501295
2009/10 1914710 578705 2493415
2008/09 1859240 536810 2396050
2007/08 1804970 501135 2306105
2006/07 1801955 502745 2304700
2005/06 1788600 492640 2281235
2004/05 1753930 482335 2236265
2003/04 1722685 477495 2200175
2002/03 1676920 454190 2131110
2001/02 1615130 427455 2042580
2000/01 1541225 406905 1948135

Stunited aims to obtain corporate funding in order to promote help government to promote the national demand for education. It would help both students to sustain the movement to attract the best in order to meet skill gaps in key fields, enable UK funded scholarships, and further enable UK government and international partnerships at country level. In order words, it has ample resources to help government promote national demand for education. You can also be part of and play an important role in driving the passion for education, learning and growth process by joining this movement with

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