How MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is imparting Education at a Global level

India is considered to be the second biggest market in terms of providing massive open online courses (MOOC) followed by US, in the world. MOOC has brought a revolution in the Indian education system by providing opportunity to millions of students gain access to high quality learning. This also provides ample opportunities to millions of Indians who are deprived from getting higher education due to high university fees. However, a major challenge is the availability of internet technology to get the benefit of MOOC where students can remain connected to the faculties.

As a part of the MOOC drive, the Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) was launched by the human resource development ministry in India. It also provides online courses free of cost, on demand to students irrespective of their location.As reported by the New York times, there were more than 5 million global students registered for the MOOC in 2013. The figures are expected to increase by 43% in the year 2016. The Chronicle of Higher Education survey relating to the MOOC students, the average enrollment pertaining to each course was 33000.

Several US based MOOC education providers have entered into partnerships with the Indian universities to foster open education and penetration of higher education into the masses.Research conducted by identified that the first college in the Indian context to partner with the ‘not for profit’edX was the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay).This partnership was instrumental in providing training to the engineering teachers in India. It also has a strong vision to provide engineering based courses to the global students and represent the partnership at a global level.

Conducting more research into the MOOS education providers, the research team of found that the collaboration of three organisations in the year 2012 – Udacity, Coursera and edXwas a landmark in offering such distance education. They provide the largest catalog of courses and have the highest number of students registered. As per the research conducted by, a comprehensive detail about the courses offered by the MOOC can be accessed from it official website.

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