How Can Stunited Help to Get a Job for the International Students

After course completion the students are likely to seek opportunities related to their field of study. the world’s first social media networking website for students researched and found that post work study opportunities forms a big factor for an international student’s choice of country and university decision. Everyone is looking for quality of education and ROI (return on investment) as an international student. Post study work in UK, after 2012, has changed considerably, as the old Tier 1 post work route which enabled the international students to work in UK for two years was changed1. The new conditions in the UK policy change for the non EEA students requires them to earn at least £35,000. analysed the post work study data for 2014 as shown below:

education expenditures

And came to conclusion that there are opportunities in UK which are available for international students though there is a negative perception of job in post work study cases. The above leavers from total 2,44,775 is very miniscule as professional full time work which graduate students have been able to manage is around 46%2. further analysed the most important factor for getting a job for an international is the university final results as shown below segregated into first, 2:1,2:2, pass categories.

First degree undergraduate qualifiers by subject area and degree class

The above results indicate that SET first class and 2:1 degree in a class for respective study domain, formed more than half of the class percentage which made the students as eligible candidates for post work job in UK. The above results in 2014, are encouraging but the home ministry policy change for international students to earn £35,000 is thus a huge challenge. To make it easier, believes that less restrictive for HE students like PhD and graduates in select streams, have laid down a very interactive job platform. It has local and national UK job placement agencies which are scouting for brilliant students irrespective of their ethnicity. The social media networking platform therefore seeks to offer a real time exchange of information like student credentials in the stunited profile that can be seen by recruiters who are already registered in So Stunited.org3 research showing students from India, Nigeria are more likely to find a job rather than China, Malaysia which affects their choice of international country destination for their study.






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