How UK High School Students Are Treated in Both Public and Private Sectors

In UK, the school education takes place mainly in the public schools. However, there is an increasing variety of educational opportunities, providers and programmes offered to the students that are being forged by the government to involve new partnerships in order to mobilize resources for the education. The designing of the schools in UK are in fact done in the form of new policies that allow different stakeholders to participate more fully and also at the same time share benefits and costs equitably.

In UK the schools are classified as private or public solely based on who ultimately has the ultimate power to make decisions regarding affairs of institutions. An institution will be known as public if is controlled and managed by government authority. On the other hand an institution is a private sector organization if it is controlled and also managed by a non-government organization.

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The public schools or the state-run schools are provided by the UK government at no cost to all students who are British citizens and also foreigners who have legal rights to stay in the country. These schools are funded by taxes. There are different types of public schools for students like grammar schools, comprehensive schools, free schools and voluntary controlled schools. Majority of the public schools are comprehensive schools however there are substantial number of grammar schools. The number of free schools is also gradually growing in number.

The standard of education at these schools considerably varies. Some of the public schools indeed offer students with excellent teaching faculties. However, there are some schools that perform quite poorly. The state funded schools of good standards are generally found in affluent areas.

Expats can consult school’s Ofsted or the Office of Standards in Education report in order to find out about the quality standards of facilities and teaching provided to students at a particular school. The Expat students can also access Ofsted to know about how the students in various schools are performing academically.

The admission criteria vary one school to another. However, the popular school admissions are based on a particular catchment area. The expat students should therefore be aware of admission procedures. Although majority of the schools treat international students equal to British students, but many schools may not offer places to those international students who have no long term plans to stay in Britain. To study at Grammar schools the students are required to pass an entrance examination known as 11 +.

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Private schools teach students foreign language at an early age and also offer students wide range of extra-curricular facilities. The standard of teaching at private schools is of very high standard. Classes are small and students perform better that those who are attending public schools in UK. The fees in private schools are quite high. An expat student might have to pay an average of GBP 3000 to about GBP 6000 every term. As per the admission criteria majority of students attend the 11+ exam. In order to know about high schools of UK in detail, students can be part of

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