How Would International Students in UK will be Benefited by Stunited

International students flocking to UK comes from wide age group that ranges from students at schools, further education colleges, HE (higher education). research analysed that in 2013-14, around 27,000 students were studying in UK independent schools.

The students in schools are predominantly fee paying with aggregate income for UK schools from international students totalling to £685 million in that year as per Independent Schools Council. The estimates is that even UK schooling is attracting increase in international admissions at average (2.5-3)% a year. tracked the international students for further education where international students outside EU totalled to over 7700, while EU students totalled 3100 (that had privately funded) HE options. calculated that over £350 million tuition fees and around £990 million in living expenses was sped by these students. The next category is international students which believes is the massive sector where an astonishing 455,000 international students enrolled in UK in over 167 publicly funded organisations. Surprisingly, there are over 53,000 international students in 159 alternate providers at undergraduate level. This makes UK the second most attractive destination globally after USA.

international student market share

Though the tuition fees totalled to over £3.9billion as a contribution to earn foreign exchange and education related export activity. researched the OECD, UNESCO forecasts and found that there are more new emerging countries in race to attract students around the world. So it has dedicated platform for teachers, universities to showcase the key benefits of British education and its export of students after completion of study. is aware of the geometric increase in international student strengths going forward2 as it is rated low in terms of perceived graduate employment opportunities, and amongst countries Australia, Canada, New Zealand it ranks fourth3. Recent policy changes have affected the Tier 4, student visa system, however, UK is still ranked ahead of the rest in terms of quality of education. therefore offers the aspiring students around the globe one click solution to the admission, search of universities, accommodation, scholarships. This is social media based networked websites where the first hand information from existing students, professors, university admissions officer will help potential aspirants to get real time information for an informed decision making process for their career. It has newsletters that announces about key results, and events section about each universities which updates everyone enrolled as per area of interest. with its mission to spread the information availability free for all is designed on social media to enable exchange of information and transparency.




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