How Stunited Can Improve the Admission Process in Indian Education Institutes?

Admission process is known to be quite critical for educational institutes. This is because admission is associated with the critical mission of selecting the right candidates. So, the entire procedure of admission has to be executed professionally deleting the innumerable gaps.

degree courses

The above table shows the admissions in level of study wise in Indian universities for the period 2013-2014 which shows a trend of geometric progression. This increases the complexity, in each stage of admissions as numbers of students are increasing every year.  This is because, it is through a highly effective and professional method of admission process an educational institute will be able to maintain and even upgrade the standard of education, level of satisfaction of the prospective students and also increase the branding of the concerned institute. If we go by the enrolment pattern of the Indian students in the fields of study wise then the following table shows us the trends for 2012-2013:

edcuation trends

Admission process shown in the above table for all sectors in Indian education institutes is quite diverse and complex for the 2012-2013. The country has 20,327 (000s) of students who are looking out for opportunities to get into the best possible Indian educational institutes to pursue the cherished courses. Students in India take up education in order to ensure for a secured and bright career prospective. As a result of which, the education system in India targets towards development of courses that would exclusively career oriented. As a result of which, while selecting candidates for such courses, the admission procedures are found to be framed in a way that would enable colleges to select candidates who have great professional aptitudes and prospects.

Planning for admission and also preparing for admissions has turned out to be quite complex and also at the same time quite challenging.  is one such online space that would help to inform about online 2015 admission processes in Indian universities in all the more simple manner. is social media platform for students, where discussions on the current education system, its process including those at national or regional levels are being talked about. In this process, a large numbers of issues, opinions and solutions are discussed which can be viewed by millions of other visitors leading to development of newer thoughts and ideas. In that case, it becomes absolutely necessary for representatives of educational institutes and students aspiring to be part of the institutes to join . The educational institutes with the aid of the experts at will be able to effectively plan for efficient admission procedures so that the institutes are able to develop a streamlined admission procedure where only the best of the candidates can get selected.

On the contrary, this eternal game of selection of good students by universities and students seeking admission to better universities has found the right solution in . The social media aspect that enables students with firsthand knowledge is more effective for aspiring students and this is the reason why joining is a rational decision. Students therefore will be able to get perfect source of information that would eventually help them to prepare for various admissions and also speak to professors, students studying on real time basis through chat. At students will be getting guidance to learn about various admissions procedures to be taken to enable students in India to be part of educational institutes for next session. Also, students will get first-hand information about admission dates, admission criteria, syllabus and the admissions cutoffs. The students can also download online application for Indian universities in 2015 in India1. Course wise admission date for each Indian university is available at the website which aids in informed decision making and choices. So, be a part of uniting students globally movement and help in the improvement of education system of different Indian educational institutes.



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