How do International Agents for the UK Universities will be benefited by Stunited

A student can apply and get admission to UK universities on his own. However, the process of selection of right university and the entire process of relocating and from home country to UK is indeed a difficult affair for many students. There are many agents operating for international universities in different countries of the world. These agents can therefore be approached by students in order ease out their difficult job of getting placed in a UK university. In order to get in contact with agents operating for various UK universities, students or their guardians may visit

The following are the advantages taking help from Agents

  • An agent will help you to select appropriate study option on closely analyzing your academic results and career objectives
  • He will also advise you to on the eligibility for preferred study option
  • Complete and submit application including all other required documentation
  • Agent will also assist in offering and applying for student VISA
  • The agent will and provide with all relevant information that would assist the student to from moving to UK

There are many universities that solely receive applications through international agents with whom the universities have entered into a contract or an agreement. The use of agents have increased manifold since the beginning of 2006. A survey conducted by UK universities have found that one third of the total enrolment of international students have come through this channel. As per the statistics, the proportion of students that has been recruited through agents at the Nottingham University has increased from 19 % of the total international intake in the year 2005 to about 25 % in the year 2011. This particular statistic has been reflected all across the sector. It has also been confirmed that the universities are gradually showing resilience on agents. has turned out to perfect platform for the agents as students across the globe are its member. The agents will be perfect scope to represent themselves to the students and the universities directly. will in fact be idea space where the agents can prove themselves that they are authentic and effective for students and universities. Especially, for UK universities, the agents are gradually turning out to be a common medium through which international students are seeking admission. It has been found that around 58 % of the students have been found to be recruited through agents in UK. This statistics thus shows that majority of UK universities are comfortable with agents. Therefore, at the agents can furnish their professional details that would then be obtained by the students and the universities in order to get professional help.

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