LSE Invites International Applications for the Spring Session 2015-16

LSE holds a special position in my heart, as I happen to pass out in BA (Hons) in Business Economics from Delhi School of Economics in India modelled in the lines of the UK institution. I am an active member of a student specific social networking site where I have made friends in economics domain. A friend elder to me guided me and encouraged me to apply in LSE and time is right for this session. I had held economic advisor position to a company secretary which has added experience to my Bachelor’s degree and the HE (higher education) decision seems pertinent to me right now. So the decision to join the student’s social networking website inspite of me working was not a wrong one. as it is called has helped immensely to broaden my horizon and provide belief in me that I can be a potential candidate in LSE. The search output in enabled me to get a brief glimpse but relevant points to make up my mind. I also visited ‘Why study at LSE’ as it helped me with visual treats.

The easy navigation and links landed me to straight to the LSE degree programmes 2015 and I was happy with economics featuring amidst the whole list. I found out that cross disciplinary courses are available like Economic history, Mathematics and Economics, and Economics (pure) that made me think about and made me tempting choices. I also went to UCAS and found provided better layout about course code and information.Though I was not sure as to how I will be eligible so I turned to forums and discussion boards to clear off my doubts about the LSE tuition fees and scholarship issue. Luckily I found the LSE student support service to my rescue which cleared off much of my doubts. I realised that the application procedure has to be completed using.

The admission process for LSE (London school of economics and political science) happens through UCAS application link. So 2015 the key dates are the ‘Clearing vacancy search closing on 30th September 2015 while the last date for me as a student to apply is 21st October, 2015 for adding clearing choices in universities and colleges after accepting the applications. Though had overview of how to apply in LSE, this process has personal details, education section, employment section and lastly the payment for application in a video and also in LSE how to apply PDF. Unfortunately I cannot make it to the open days but have applied the resources to have a virtual tour of LSE campus, and LSE virtual open day. What also attracted me as an international student aspiring for HE in LSE, is the ‘A day in life of a LSE student’. Going back to the basis of LSE processing the admission applications seemed to clarify their university process in a transparent manner. Being an international student has additional responsibilities which I happened to stumbleupon during my research of courses offered in LSE. I would recommend what offered by, the UK council for international student affairs website for substantial information.

Applying in LSE is challenge for me, and I hope to make it through with inputs from the discussions I had with friends from and striving for a great career in LSE UK.

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