Why Stunited is the No.-1 Media for the International Bschools to Market their Business?

Stunited.org is a platform where students across the globe meet online and discuss or share issues, solutions and event related to their academics and career. Stunited is therefore an online media, where students come and mingle with each other to share their experiences and also obtain valuable information on their most aspired courses and universities. So, basically, for international schools the stunited.org is indeed quite effective platform to advertise their institutions and let the students know about the various courses available.

Thus, stunited has turned out to be number one social media for various international Bschools to market their business. It has analysed data that for the destination countries there are shows rise in two nations China and India, during last ten years, which proves that need for HE and demand in specialised PG courses (MBA) is in geometric progression.

bshcool across the countries

As there are thousands of universities, Bschools and educational institutions across the globe, the students might not be aware of all the names, so each of them needs to stand out. As a result of which, many of the universities or educational institutions can go unnoticed; causing seats of many educational institutions remain vacant. So, in order to help international Bschools and institutions Stunited.org enables by:

1. Created a platform to reach out to the right and eligible students
2. It is indeed the most effective social media platform target market advertising.
3. Offers continuous streaming newsletters, events, updates to its enrolled students
4. Filters information for students who are not able to approach all educational institutes of their choice at the right time.
5. Information about course fee, date of entrance examination, scholarship facilities at click of mouse.
6. Speak with International students admissions officer, email, clarify doubts through chats, FAQs

Advertising through stunited.org is also quite cost effective when compared to university road shows, openday as the returns are assured. This is because the target audience of the advertisements is basically the young students that are engaged with university representative directly, while answering FAQs, plenty of relevant information come out through discussion board using Stunited.org. Predominantly, they use the internet to look out for information only in one college website; the social media enables them to speak to international student community of that university which is first-hand information. So, in order to advertise about educational institutions to students, social media platform is the best medium as it allows Bschools to leverage its brand name in different geographical markets tapping the prospective students. Also, a single advertisement in stunited.org will be witnessed by millions of students irrespective of their location. On the other hand, an advertisement in any other media like the TV or radio will be quite limited in terms of coverage. Therefore, Stunited offers advertisers all the facilities and benefits of online advertising.

It has student members numbering over a 450,000 from different countries Asia and EU while it is aware about the growing trend of pursuing management course, STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths)2 as HE. Therefore, a single advertisement from a Bschool amidst the world recession, will be open to a huge international student audience and hence the impact of the advertisement is therefore considered to be massive compared to impact of print advertisements on different media. www.Stunited.org therefore, helps international institutes’ offer global reach, and focussed brand advertising amidst economy swings within advertising budgets. In that case, apart from the effectiveness of digital advertisement of BSchool, it also provides opportunities for the graduate admissions officer for the international educational institutes and universities to save money by offering them chats, forums, discussion boards to attract the brightest students from all over the world.



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