Faculty of Science Elite Scholarships at University of Strathclyde

Brief Description: The University of Strathclyde is now accepting applications for three types of scholarships i.e. Faculty of Science Undergraduate Elite Scholarships, Faculty of Science Postgraduate… Read More »

Welsh Students II-PhD Studentship at Swansea University in UK

Brief Description: The Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund are inviting applicants for its Welsh Students II-PhD Studentship. The studentship is available for UK-EU students. Th… Read More »

Development of a swirl induction device for the high flow rate Typhon UV LED water treatment reactor

Project Description 3 Year Enterprise-led Industry Funded PhD   The goal of this research and design process is to develop a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling capability verified and calibrated b… Read More »

Mathematical modelling for safe, yet effective, pesticide development and usage

Brief Description:   This project is about creating and analysing a series of mathematical models that can be used to compare and contrast pesticide absorption through leaf surfaces and human … Read More »