PhD Admissions in Jamia Millia Islamia in 2015

Education is not learning of facts but training of mind”- Albert Einstein

In today’s world education plays a vital role in all perspective, whether it is training of mind, knowing facts, obtaining reputed jobs or for once wisdom. In the present scenario education has its many forms to satisfy different people with different needs. It has become very apparent for people to study in order to obtain a secure job. Majority of the mass mainly opts for professional courses so that they are capable enough to launch themselves in the professional zones as soon as they are completed with their courses.

With the rise in the competition in today’s market people are mainly interpreting education to earn money for raising their standard of living. With this harsh fact the essence of acquiring true education is getting obliterated. But if we look into the fact intensely there are still certain mass that are working hard to maintain the main essence of education, they are the PhDs.

PhD is the abbreviated form of doctor in philosophy. The concept of PhD was first established in the universities of medieval Europe and then in the 19th century the University of Berlin gave it a whole new form by incorporating the concept of dissertation and the contribution of research work. PhD helps a person to have a clear and intense outlook of the subject and provides the achiever the capability of creating something new out of it. It also enables the person to achieve the honor of being a professor which is considered as the most prestigious and most luxury job in our society.

At the present times there are many universities that provide the degree of PhD with high quality faculties and efficient research work. Among such universities Jamia Millia Islamia is one of a kind. The public central university is located was established in Aligarh in united provinces, India during British rule in 1920. In the year 1988 it became a central university by an act of Indian parliament. It is now located in Jamia Nagar, Zakir Magar Okhla, New Delhi. is thrilled to inform you, that like every year this year too, the university is providing the fellow student opportunity to access all information for university search, course search for PhD. With its reputed and skilled faculties and resourceful research work the central university promises to provide ample wisdom to the students. The university has started distributing its PhD form in various subjects from 2nd July 2015 till 23rd July 2015. The interested and eligible candidates are advised to rush for the forms and to take their first step in the voyage of knowledge.

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