Research in UK Universities: A report

Many famous universities of UK are found to be closely attached with international research collaborations. Some of the top universities of the UK that are associated with international collaborations are Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College of London and ULC. These four universities are in a way stand out from rest of the universities of UK. These four universities are above the average with respect to both quality and quantity. So, in order to know about these universities in detail you may visit their respective websites or pay a visit to At, you will get information of all the top four universities in detail.

Apart from the top four Universities of UK as mentioned above there is some other tops ranking universities of UK with excellent academic records. Several of the universities that rank high in the UK ranking table that have entered into many international collaborations are part of the famous Russell Group. From the fifth position onwards, the universities rank in order is Manchester University, Edinburgh University, Bristol University, Southampton University, King’s, Birmingham University, Glasgow University, Sheffield University, Leeds, Nottingham University, Liverpool University, Cardiff University, Newcastle University and the Warwick University. The ranking order of most of the universities is perfectly placed with the normalized global citation impacts as per each of the institutions’ research outputs.

uk university - stunited report
uk university - stunited report

In order to know further about the UK universities, you may become part of and get more information on the various UK universities that are involved in international collaborations making way for effective research studies.

Source: SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR), 2011

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