Why Not Opt Early for a Rewarding Career in Apprenticeships

There is no doubt that apprenticeships have provided over the years, the necessary skills and training to the students in order to gain hands on experience. It is in stiff competition with the university courses and HE (higher education) per se, as apprenticeship jobs is now regarded as better route to look at the way up the corporate ladder. Historically, started with crafts, pottery, masonary, carpentary; apprenticeships is evolving with times. Stunited research shows that it has been added with the engineering domain and more recently the IT (information technology) sector.

Britain is possibly sitting idle as the Govt. initiatives to mobilize the British population against the stiff target is widening. Sometime the review of the apprenticeship shows that the benefits doled out is not attracting enough candidates on the other hand there are alarming figures of university dropouts in the first year itself across UK.

There are concerns as the Her Majesty’s Chief Inspectors report of 2014-15 which states that the apprenticeships are not receiving sufficient high quality training that puts a question mark on the training providers. In this game, how do we fix the gaps in the process? This has been noted by stunited.org and has been a serious threat to the whole concept of apprenticeship which otherwise is lauded the most preferred mode from the employers.

The Stunited advice to the youngsters in the age group of 16-18, 18-24 is to explore own city and town about the various opportunities. Visiting premises, websites, meeting apprentices reconfirms your expectations of the career choice that you are about to make. You need to take your parents into the decision making process, and the options will be out in the open. What we also recommend is that, it is better to speak face to face for a counseling and assessment from an apprenticeship training provider.

This is crucial as they are trained and experienced in this domain and the interest coupled with motivation level for an on the job training guides a career towards certainty.

Stunited which is an online platform for students, apprenticeship training providers found out that there is a gap between the training providers and the employers. So the commitment to deliver services as advertised and the candidate able to cope up with the learning of a new skill is essential for success. Stunited has reviewed Apprenticeship supermarket, Connexions Northamptonshire, and has found adequate to cater to the student needs.

Citing the case of Connexions Northamptonshire based in Northampton, which also have the university of Northampton, has found the key deliverables of the firm. Connexions have over 25 years’ experience in helping young people achieve their learning and career aspirations. They have been able to annual targets for tackling youth unemployment for 16-19 year olds in Northamptonshire for the 10th consecutive year. They are offering working with schools, colleges and employers we deliver careers education, information, advice and guidance, work experience and a wide range of work related learning events. Stuntied recommends it to everyone interested.

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