How Can Stunited be Associated with Indian Government Agenda- “Education for All”?

India has indeed made striking progress with respect to reaching to measurable goals of “Education for All”. Since the year 2000, nations have been found to be quite committed towards promotion of global education. India has been found to have considerably reduced the percentage of children out of school by about 90 %. Alongside, the Universal Primary Education has also been achieved. In fact, it has been found India is identified to be the only country in the area of South and West Asia to be having almost equal ratio of girls to boys in both secondary and primary education.

At a global level, it is just about one third of all countries that have been found to have achieved Education for All or (EFA) goals set in the year 2000. Moreover, only about half of the nations have been found to have achieved the prominent goal of the universal primary education. On achieving the goal of Education for All, India is now targeting to achieve newer that are set to be achieved by the year 2030. On recognizing the welfare efforts taken up by the Government of India since the year 2000, and post 2010,  has also decided to help promote education for all in the country. will be taking up every possible step to ensure that all the students in India get educational information on demand at real time basis. Internet is turning out to be common media of communication among the youth of India as there are 118 million active users as of May 2015 with a growth of YoY (35%) as per Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). As a result of which, Stunited will be able to play the role of effective messenger of the cause and spread awareness about online admissions in Indian universities in 2015.

The social media platform with its mission to unite students globally gathered momentum has therefore become one stop media to spread awareness of ‘Education for All’. Students who are part of are differentiating this site from other social websites. It has also the capability to create a separate forum where committed academicians and students are coming together and are a part of the campaign of future to promote the movement. Even, funds can be raised through the process and be used to support the initiative.

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It also coincides when Prime Minister of India, is asking to digital India1.While the “Education for All” in India has been mainly initiated for those who do not have access to formal education, and laptops are being distributed to penetrate rural India. These children usually belong to lower income groups and so they often have to work for long hours to earn money to feed family. As a result of which, these children are not able to access education and hence stay illiterate. Even if the children are able to achieve primary level education, once they become old enough to work outside, they are often found to drop out of school. The members of  can therefore help those students to get them educated by making provisions for night schools. Moreover, many students from poor families are not able to receive high education due to financial crunch. has to great extent tried best to provide exhaustive information of scholarships for higher studies.


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