ideal one stop social networking to land up a job for the international students

At some point of the time while studying abroad, majority of the international students are asked about their plans after graduation. But finding a suitable job after graduation it not an easy task for students. One of the major problems of the international students is that they face the issue of staying in the foreign country after their academic course gets over. Students usually start searching for their jobs in their final year itself so that they can get to stay in the country and earn their own living and avail opportunities coming on the way. At students will get assistance to obtain a suitable job.

jobs data is an online community comprising of students, academicians, teachers, professors and other stakeholders of the global education sector. As a result of which is the best place where a job seeker can get in touch of his peers discussion tips to enhance their employability. Also, is the online space where students can also meet many potential employers. The following are the benefits of being part of that would eventually help you to land on to the right job in abroad.

  • Students will be able to know where they would have greater job opportunities
  • The members might also get in touch with institutions agents who can offer off-campus internship in the major subject
  • At you may also come across educational professionals who would provide career planning tips
  • Students will also get to know sources that would enable them to apply for OPT or optional practical training opportunities.

For a student seeking for a suitable job will perhaps become easy if he has a well developed network, meet new people and establish good connections.  Perhaps the best possible way to find future employer is by beginning with the networking process early. Surveys have showed that around 70 % of the jobs get filled through connectivity1. is such an online space where you can begin with your networking and establish connectivity. You can easily take advantage of the online community and establish communications with alumni groups or seniors who have gone through similar stages. Through you may also build relationships with professors or even with individuals who are parents or guardians of students of your age.

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At you will get updates of various career fairs or opportunities for taking part as CPT interns. Usually, in the US an international student usually have around 60 days after the graduation to either enroll for higher education program or in an OPT program in order to obtain employment after you graduate2. The OPT programs are helpful for extending Visa period for a whole year. During this time you can train, work and even work as an intern in the area of study. However, application of OTP program can take about several months. So, one should apply for OTP several months before final graduation. In order to know more about the ways to get jobs in abroad, one can be part of and obtain all relevant information and tips.

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