How can stunited support the needy but brilliant students to complete their studies?

Brilliance, of course, does not differentiate between rich and poor and hence it can be present among the both. However, human society, in general, has the tendency of differentiating between rich and poor and between classes. As a result of which, due to poverty there can be many brilliant students who might not get ample scope to educate themselves and enable themselves to head for a better future. Despite having brilliance, they are rather forced to carry on with jobs that do not ensure of secured and safe future.

Moreover, in countries like India, the demand for education is simply for utility basis. In other words, education is like a tool that is used to earn money. However, education has much greater and more important contributions to society. Education helps brilliant individuals to take up challenging responsibilities of reforming the society and contributing to the growth and overall welfare of the society1. Brilliant individuals are therefore required to pursue higher studies so that they can be prepared for making significant contributions to society. So, UK as a nation in EU that aims to progress further needs brilliant students who are to be nurtured and supported for higher education. Therefore

  1. Attracting international students (brightest and best) for short and full programmes
  2. International application oriented curricula and teaching methods
  3. Promoting R&D, work opportunities for international students in international projects
  4. Internationalisation of institutional governance and management in the UK HE education.

level of study from the above graph has, in fact, decided to take up the cause of supporting the needy brilliant students to complete their studies like UK Government. invites corporations and philanthropic agencies to contribute financially and help fulfil the dreams of thousands of brilliant students. Also, as many students visit here, there would be several of them would like to contribute generously for helping brilliant students purpose for higher studies. It has been noted that brilliant students are very mobile in an international community and retaining them helps in academic research, economic and socio-cultural value add in that nation (Oxford Economics, 2014).

  1. Increasing the pool of skill graduates in UK economy that helps to increase development and capacity as a nation
  2. Meet local skill and national skill shortages in the UK
  3. Help trade, economic benefits, improve joblessness, industry sponsored R&D in UK and EU
  4. Economic development through skilled migration route that helps the UK to sustain in the world market (Oxford Economics, 2014).

Stunited is also a perfect space to promote scholarships. Many educational institutions across the globe promote their scholarship programs among the students at So, brilliant students who are in need of scholarships can be part of and learn about various scholarships that are available for them. These needy students will also be getting detailed information about the scholarship programs. For instance, information related to the date and time of exams, the eligibility to sit for scholarship exams and the cut off for obtaining the scholarships. As the needy students will not be able to obtain proper guidance due to lack of money, these students can be part of and receive guidance for cracking the scholarship examinations from experts. They will be able to get tips for cracking the scholarship exams from experienced students as well.

So the solution centric approaches to the student’s problems have been effectively brought online in a manner that has stunited helping any student. Its in-depth research will help every aspiring student to realise their dream for higher education as it allows searching the information based on different criteria’s to meet student needs.

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