How to Gain the Potential to Support Educational Charity and Boost Fund Raising is a unique social media tool dedicated to all international students who would like to obtain information, knowledge and get an education from best universities. The website is dedicated to providing every possible support for students, i.e. end to end solutions from university search to accommodation and jobs after passing out. Students will get holistic information which is beneficial for their cherished dream to pursue a better education. The concept of is built in a way that would help individuals to be aware of courses, universities the pedagogy which will help immensely for their choice of universities.

The benefits are:

  • Latest updated news of universities in sort
  • Entrance examination information along with the scholarship.
  • Admission criteria and process in UK universities
  • The UK university eligibility criteria
  • One single meeting point of millions of students, professors and academicians
  • Online unique digital media to advertise and enable local business organizations

The admission process is not accessible to many, so it can be a platform where it will be offering forums of discussion. It is natural for many brilliant students who are financially not capable seeking information but have the capability to show their mettle. So, the local businesses or businessman can help these students to sponsor a BPL (below poverty line) student through to support financially in order to pursue a course in the UK. can play an instrumental role in forming charity or a trust which can operate in the education sector. Thus, for business houses in the field of education sector can make use of the platform of to let know about the various financial needy students. The businesses supporting the needy student can brand itself through CSR of Social Corporate Responsibility which can be showcased as a case study. The brand mileage in student platform, university discussion boards will give huge visibility that will catapult business house brand name to student group top of mind recall. respects this gesture and supports the duty of the business houses to help promote communities, social causes to which they are associated. For instance, educational institutes or universities who often can the space of to advertise their provisions and offers, they can also use the same medium to implement their CSR responsibilities. As per the policies of CSR, these educational institutes that are also found to be advertising at can attract the physically or mentally challenged students and offer them help. This complements Britain’s commonwealth legacy while going forward, platform can also donate, raise awareness or create charitable trusts in order to promote and spread education to all.

This is a noble cause which supports that acts as a bridge between the NGOs and other Government agencies to help the needy students to support their dream of receiving a good education through scholarships3. This is because; often these poor and needy students despite making good results discontinue their studies in order to support their families financially. However, thinks that if these students are given a support to study even further, it would be found that they would develop better capabilities to contribute to their family and to the wellbeing of the society4. Therefore, is indeed can gain the potentiality to support educational charity and also boost the various fund raising activities giving education a more holistic shape globally.

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