News of the Top 100 under 50 Universities Globally

The University of Switzerland Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussane has been nominated at the top of the list comprising of the 100 best and newest (under 50) universities of the world. Australia has also overtaken UK as the country with the best reservoir of academic talent. The EPFL was founded in 1969 and according to the 2012 rankings of the first Times Higher Education under 50 listings it had captured the second position earlier. It had changed places with three time winner Pohang University of Technology and Science in Korea.

Pretty much most of the remaining top five list which is captured in The 100 Under 50 2015 has remained the same. The institutes of East Asia are still on the top; on the third position is KAIST or Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology while Hong Kong University of Technology and Science has the 4th position while the Nanyang Technical University of Singapore holds the 5th position.

I found a detailed discussion thread about these topics in the thread running in the discussion forum of  This website also has complete information about all course fees, academic structures, academic content, faculty specifications and other information about UK universities, Australian Universities and other universities. You will also get to network with other international students who are a part of this student social networking platform.

I learnt that this list containing 100 under 50 is actually the only global ranking system according to which the region of the Asia Pacific wins against the traditional academic hubs of North America and Europe. According to one of the eminent professors of UCL Educational Institute Simon Marginson this trend is projected to change over the coming years. If the fast running rate of published work in East Asia is considered, it can be easily seen that by the next 15 years there will be a spurt of growth in the universities of East Asia as reflected in the Top 200 World University Ranking List. Surprisingly, only two UK institutes i.e. the Warwick University (secured the 9th place as compared to 12) and Dundee University (secured at 19th Rank). Four institutes had made the list in 2013. And 5 five UK university were ranked in top 20 in the last year’s Google university ranking. Actually, many of the universities in UK LIKE Lancaster University are too old now to participate in the under 50 list; a fact that speaks a lot about the academic heritage of UK. Next Warwick University will also be out of the list since it was established in 1962.

Dundee University on the other hand still has a couple of years left and this means that the inclusion of UK universities on this list is all set to decline in the future. According to the list Australia is the best represented country with 16 institutions. Australia has a lot of good universities which were established later in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The supporting evidence shows that the strong rankings of Australia will persist.

However it is universally recognized by academicians that the popular 1960 institutions of UK will not lose their world class rankings. The British universities have their own heritage and class and are still widely sought after by the student community.

I was very impressed to see the huge academic database that is present on the . Every university and academic course has a set of different criteria and specifications related to entrance exams and they are all represented on the stunited  data base. Data is easily comprehensible formats on the basis of search filters like location, course, time etc.

I went to this link and searched university for my preferred choice in the top 100 new universities of the globe.

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