Whats the market for language training courses in UK and India

The inception of globalization and the prevalence of multinational corporations in the global business have led to emergence of language training courses in across the globe including UK and India. Professionals who know more than one international language are known to be having an extra edge over his peers1. UK being a developed country which houses hundreds of MNCs has now a multicultural population. Thus, it becomes necessary for the residents of UK to be aware of different languages to establish better level of communication both for social as well as professional purposes2. In order to obtain lists of various language training courses in UK, you may visit www.stunited.org.

In India as well, due to rapid economic progress, there is an increasing necessity among professionals to learn international languages. The forecast is largest flow of postgraduate students from India to the six selected destination countries will be to the

  • US, which will host 138,000 Indian postgraduates,
  • Australia (24,100),
  • The UK (23,600), and
  • Germany (17,300).


Forecasts show that the annual average growth of postgraduate flows from India will be  highest to Australia (+10.4%), followed by the US (+8%), Germany (+7.9%), Canada (+7.8%) and Japan (+7.4%). Postgraduate mobility from India to the UK is forecast to grow annually, on average, 3.1 per cent from 2012 to 2024.

However, despite growing interest for various international languages among the youth of India, the prime interest still remains to be the English language. Also, as this country is world famous for call centre BPOs, which also promise handsome pay packages to the young graduates, acquiring the skill to speak or communicate in English becomes essential for them. As a result of which, there are many language training institutes located across India. At stunited.org you will get to know about in details about the various language training courses available in India. You will also get to know about the standards of the training courses along with the fee charged by these institutes.

The market for language training courses is growing in both UK and India. Institutes dedicated to language training are found to be mushrooming in both the countries especially in India. It has been found that in recent years the language training sector has turned out to be a major segment for the international education industry. In order to undertake a comparative study of the performance of language training sector with that of the trends and performance available to date, it has been found that the segment is growing along with the mainstream education sector. The survey was conducted by Association of Language Travel Organization along with a leading consultancy firm Deloitte on various language agencies and schools3. About 304 schools were under the survey and were found that there were significant number of these schools belonged to countries like Canada, US and UK. These three countries have in fact combined net revenue of $ 507 million. More than half of the training schools, which is about 59 % of the total have been found to be teaching English language courses, 13 % of the people are Spanish, 8 % of the schools leach French, 6% of them teach Chinese, 5 % of the schools teach German while smaller percentages of the schools teach other international languages.

The language training schools are also found to be catering to young children, school children and also the adults, who are mainly professionals. So, in order to know about the market of language training classes in both UK and India, you can visit www.Stunited.org .

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