Why International Students will prefer to Choose Accommodation Search through Stunited?

The search for accommodation starts as soon as any international student lands up in UK for the admission in UK University. Though it has been noticed, that the individual student choices depend on the available options that a city offers, while the students again have their own preferences. Some students are looking for budgets, others prefer a calm place to stay and study, some like luxury which states the varied demands for student accommodation in UK. So after the international student has been accepted and inducted into the university programme, the very next stage is to start looking for accommodation. UK Statistics show that the cost of student accommodation has doubled in a decade, with outside London hovering around £12,000 a year.

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This table from the department of higher education statistics agency showed the trend how it is faring for the last 7 years in UK. Though there are choices like halls of residence which are large buildings where flats are divided into rooms which are shared, it has supplied food from canteen and usually consists of bed, desk, chair. These may have a communal area with TV, pool table, newspaper reading recliners while it is upto the students to choose room partner of same or mixed gender which has to be communicated to the university. Upon researching, I came across stunited.org where there is a huge list of city wise, budget wise choices. The searching became wider as I happened to see more options that are available for international student accommodation availability in UK. There are also flats and houses which are independent, which have tenancy rules and international students have to sign an agreement. It is definitely an expensive option but the freedom is more.

International Students renting close to university campus in the UK may not be a part of university, so need to talk with international student advisor about the student letting services in UK. The alternate option I found was the www.stunited.org which is listing student letting services in UK, and most importantly all relevant information that are verified. This is saving time for international students like me, as all options are visible with pictures and not having to run around. Therefore quicker information at a click of the mouse, while wider choices can be filtered and information about international student letting services that has validated address, phone numbers, website with USP (unique selling proposition) of the property is outlined.

I figured out that stunited.org approach to help and search international student accommodation in UK is resolved in few clicks as mostly, localised information is available. More choices with easier search are a best choice which students are making if they are using stunited.org for their requirements. However, there may be key things international students need to clarify before taking up a property, as hidden costs about registration charges can be avoided only by reading through the fine print of the tenancy. International students may also have to look at location, transport options to and from university, the food availability, the ambience inside which is conducive for living.

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