Why UK Universities More Inclined Towards Internationalization?

World over there are few countries which has shown us visible trends of inbound mobile students like US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Canada. No doubt, international student mobility flows will shape global economy as the global education system is witnessing a range of changes. The education sector over the past few years has outpaced world GDP growth. There is a strong relationship of GDP and PPP (purchasing power parity) where the correlation is found to be positive1. In EU, UK remains the undisputed leader in attracting students while Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland and Netherlands trailing behind. Incidentally, the issue that drives economy is the rate of research collaboration in a given country that is a value add. Stunited.org therefore analysed that universities attracting international student talents to bridge the skill gap ratios is critical for the country economy while US has been championing in this, UK is catching up. At university level, UK has over eight universities that has an average research citation which is impacting over 80% global collaboration research. Stunited.org research shows that there is a strong relation of international research collaboration and citations in a journal. So while the universities are trying to attract the talent, last decade has seen change in HE with online courses, part time and short courses gaining popularity. So competition to tap the east and south, BRICS are now evident in world education. So in terms of student mobility the countries which are attractive in terms of research, employment, decides the inbound and outbound student mobility. This can be ascertained with the PG researchers in UK as per HESA (Higher education statistics agency) that shows tendencies of UK trying to attract best talent and convert to research category.

The overseas PG research students’ trend shows UK fares strongest though Germany offers free education to all in EU2. The top five countries stack over 30% with China alone 9.3% in it. Italy and Saudi Arabia fares good in UK, which shows how UK is offering PG research that leads to doctoral degrees. Stunited.org showed how good UK is amidst its EU peers, while it has a long way to go to catch up with US. Again going by the sectorwise classification, which shows the PG research in UK for period 2014 that shows the predominance of biological sciences, physical science.

Engineering and medicine that are favourites amongst the international students. This trend is continuing that values the efficacy of UK varsities degree and reiterating its quality of HE standards all across the world. UK as a destination no doubt offers a better ROI (return on investment) to all aspiring students for higher doctoral research opportunities in UK and abroad while the option of employment is also lucrative.

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